Master of Perseverance

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Mika Leah - Goomi Group

Master of Perseverance

Achieving Perfect Balance Online.

Mika Leah is an ambassador of workplace health & wellness. Through her small business, Goomi, she coordinates yoga and meditation classes, nutritional evaluations, massages, and more to offices across the country.

To get her site online, Mika didn’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer. She just used DreamHost’s Remixer. With Remixer’s ridiculously simple click-to-edit interface, Mika was able to create the professional site she wanted without skipping a beat.

Making the Most of

A Second Chance at Life

Mika was the picture of health–a runner, a dancer, a yogi, and a cycling instructor. Then to her surprise, she began noticing a shortness of breath. After a series of tests from her cardiologist, Mika learned she had a major blockage in her aortic artery. If not for emergency surgery, any one of her cycling classes could’ve been her last. Now with five stints in her heart and a new lease on life, Mika spreads heart health awareness by helping office workers take time to stretch their body and mind.

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“I realized that life is short and I don't want to spend time with the intricacies of web design. Remixer allows me to easily put up a website and not have to think about it so that I can focus on my business.”
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  • How did you find out about Remixer?
    "A friend of mine told me about Remixer. I owe her big time!"
  • What sold you on Remixer?
    “I thought I'd sacrifice some artistic license for Remixer's ease of use. That wasn't the case! Remixer allowed me to lay out my site however I wanted.”
  • How long did it take you to create your Remixer site?
    “I knocked out my site over the course of a weekend! I just imported the content from our previous site, then arranged it the way I wanted.”
  • How has your Remixer site impacted your business?
    “My site doesn't just tell my story - it reflects who we are as a company. Now clients can get an accurate feel for Goomi just by visiting our website. I can't ask for much more than that.”
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