Master of Cultural Identity

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Trish Myers - Freelance Chef

Master of Cultural Identity

A Site Made From Scratch.

Trish Myers spices up events both big and small with her curated dinner and catering services. To promote herself online, she didn’t need to learn web design or hire a professional. She just used DreamHost’s Remixer. With Remixer’s intuitive click-to-edit interface, Trish published her professional site online without ever leaving the kitchen.

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Food Found Her

When Trish left Des Moines to attend college in Los Angeles, she figured her learning would take place in classrooms and lecture halls—but that was before she fell in love with LA’s eclectic food scene. Trish used to opportunity to discover new foods and flavors, learn exotic methods of cooking and preparation, and was ultimately moved to pursue food full-time.

When it comes to cooking, it’s up to Trish to perfect each plate. When it comes to her website, she relies on Remixer.

Remixer brings a new level of simple to website building that helps passionate people create stunning websites without breaking focus on what matters most—their craft. It worked for Trish, and it will work for you too!

trish myers built website with remixer
“Word of mouth can only go so far. As my business grows, I need a place to showcase what I’m doing. Remixer has allowed me to quickly put up a site and share my passion.”
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  • Have you tried other website builders before?
    "Several! And all of them claimed to be easy. The difference with Remixer is I never once found myself frustrated."
  • What sold you on Remixer?
    “I spent a ton of money on my last website, so I was looking for an inexpensive way to create the site I wanted. I wound up getting even more than I bargained for.”
  • What's your favorite aspect of your Remixer site?
    “Just how professional it looks. Some of my friends still don't believe I did it myself.”
  • Who would you recommend Remixer to?
    “Anyone who's particular about how they want their site laid out. Remixer's library of layout options allowed me to place my content exactly how I wanted.”
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