Master of Dexterity

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Chase Fitzsimons - Good Company Barber

Master of Dexterity

High Fade to Independence.

Chase FitzSimons is a barber based out of Carlsbad, California. After bouncing around barbershops, Chase eventually decided to go freelance—launching his own independent brand. To get his site online, Chase didn’t need to learn code or hire an expensive designer. He just used DreamHost’s Remixer. With Remixer’s simple-to-use, click-to-edit interface, Chase had no problem grooming his site to achieve the exact look he was going for.

DIY / In a Camper

That's Just How He Rolls

Chase cuts hair for a living, but he’s much more than a barber. In fact, Chase can best be described as a bonsai-trimming, banjo-picking, tattoo-collecting, craft beer-drinking, family-loving vagabond. When no one’s in his chair, you’ll likely find he, his wife, & his son venturing around Southern California in their ’84 camper van. No stranger to DIY, Chase built a makeshift barbershop in his garage just after graduating college. It only makes sense he’d do the same thing with his website.

remixer customer chase fitzsimmons
“With my Remixer site, I don't have to worry about all the web stuff. I can just focus on my work and my clients.”
barbershop website remixer
  • Have you tried other website builders before?
    "I have not. And as long as Remixer's around, I don't really see a need to."
  • What's your favorite aspect of your Remixer site?
    “Just the overall feel of it. My goal was always to bring that barbershop atomosphere online, which I realize sounds ambitious. But Remixer made it easy.”
  • How has your Remixer site impacted your business?
    “New clients can get a feel for who I am just by hopping on my Remixer site. If they're into it, my site links out to online booking.”
  • Who would you recommend Remixer to?
    “I recommend Remixer to anyone who isn't a complete design wizard, but still likes to get their hands dirty with projects. Sure, you could hire someone to do your site for you. But where's the fun in that?”
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