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Master of Leathercraft

Handmade Belts, Wallets, & Websites.

Jess Etchemendy crafts premium-grade leather accessories out of his garage. To showcase his work online, he didn’t need to study coding or web design. He just chose DreamHost’s Remixer.

With Remixer’s hands-on, click-to-edit, drag-and-drop interface, Jess can quickly and easily feature new pieces, bring customers behind the scenes in his workshop, and continue sharing his brother’s inspiring story.

Words to Live By

"Go Fast. Don't Suck."

“Go Fast. Don’t Suck.” was originally preached by Jess’s late younger brother, Tim. To Jess, it captures the juxtaposition of raw aggression and careful finesse that distinguishes his work. To us, it illustrates what we love most about Remixer.

Remixer brings a new level of simple to website-building that helps passionate people create stunning websites without breaking focus on what matters most—their craft. It worked for Jess, and it will work for you too.

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“I ended up choosing Remixer because it was the simplest way for me to just focus on my business, produce great pieces, and not have to worry about maintaining a website all the time. It was simple, it was easy, and it kept me in the garage, making sure pieces are perfect. I don’t have to worry about my website being perfect because it already is.”
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  • How long did it take you to create your Remixer site?
    “I spent a couple of hours a day for three days before I was ready to hit publish, but I took my time with it.”
  • Have you tried other website builders before?
    “Yes, and none are as intuitive as Remixer. It’s crazy how easy they make it to go in and create a website that looks professionally done.”
  • What was something that surprised you about Remixer?
    “How customizable everything is. They have a library of content sections that allows you to lay out your page however you want.”
  • What’s your favorite aspect of your Remixer site?
    “It’s really cool how easily it links out to all of my social media—including my Etsy page.”
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